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Sevilla Baroque Orchestra
Pierre Cao
The Messiah Haendel 2008

Coordination of the concerts entitled “Participatory Messiah”, organised by LA CAIXA Foundation, to be held in Donostia-San Sebastián’s Victoria Eugenia Theatre on December 9-10, 2008. 

Cornelia Samuelis, soprano
Carlos Mena, countertenor
Lluis Vilamajó, tenor
Thomas Bauer, bass
Arsys Bourgogne, choir
Sevilla Baroque Orchestra
Participant choirs:
- Landarbaso abesbatza (Errenteria)
- Loinatz abesbatza (Beasain)
- Oñati ganbara abesbatza (Oñati)
- Oroith abesbatza (Ordizia)
- Santa Cecilia abesbatza (Donostia-San Sebastian)
Pierre Cao, conductor



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